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Here at Invuz you can quickly generate character names for a book, or a new username for yourself... whatever you want. The names come from the most popular U.S. first and last names from 1995 and 2000 respectively.

To avoid confusion for those who are unsure, the surname is printed in uppercase.

Male name: Randall  SMALL

Female name: Leah  LEVY

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How these names were generated

The first names come from the top 999 U.S. first names for males and for females from from 1995. The data was listed by the Social Security Administration (see reference 1).

Why 999 and not the top 1000? This is because the data originally did contain the top 1000 names, but one of these names in the top 1000 list was "Unknown", for both males and females. This was likely from the person's name data being unknown, as opposed to actually being named "Unknown". So we deleted "Unknown" from this list of names, leaving 999 names.

The surnames, also known as last names, come from the United States Census Bureau from the top 1000 surnames of the census of the year 2000 (see reference 2).

Popular names only!

Because of the method of generating the names as described above, you can be assured of only getting a popular first name and surname from this free name generator. You'll get a realistic name here at Invuz that works well for whatever purpose you need.

Book and movie characters vs pen names

Let's cover some issues relating to fictional characters versus pen name usage.

For a fictional character, this free name generator is going to be perfect, since the character names will sound modern and realistic.

However, for a pen name, you should be aware that because the name is popular, there are likely to already be many people with that name on the internet already. If you wish people to be able to find your books or articles via an author name search, then be aware that your pen name will be one of many different search results offered. Therefore if you wish your pen name to be more readily found, you may prefer instead to get a rare name; or at the very least a rare first name or surname.

In the case of a pen name for an online diary though (where you don't want others to know your true identity), this free name generator is ideal. This is because your fake name will be common enough that there should already be plenty of people with that name around, so your diary is not likely to come up on the top of the search results.

Popular surnames

All too often, popular name lists focus only on first names. This free name generator generates first name and surname combos. Since both names are popular, you'll receive a very realistic sounding name. Remember, the surnames are ones which are popular in the US; this is therefore ideal if you're seeking character names for a book or movie that is set in the US.

The large number of first names and surnames means that you're unlikely to get the same name twice, unless you happen to create an incredibly large number of names with this free generator!

Some surnames are more popular in some regions of the US than in others; however all of these surnames will be ones that most people in the US will be familiar with.

A good fake name

A fake name is helpful, for example when you're looking for a pen name for a writing site. Many diary sites allow you to create public posts, but if you're writing about how you're having a hard time at work, you certainly don't want your boss to see that under your real name! So this name generator will help for situations like that; when you need a name that isn't your real name for whatever reason.

It's legal to use a fake name for a book character, movie character, or a pen name. Also it's legal to use fake names as test data, for example if you're a programmer looking to test software but without using real people's details.

We do NOT condone the use of fake names for illegal activity of any kind, and there are plenty of situations where using a fake name is illegal.

It's up to you what you do with a fake name; it's your responsibility and your liability if you use it for illegal purposes. This article does not constitute legal advice; if you're unsure whether your proposed usage of a fake name is legal or not, consult a lawyer.

Cited sources:

1. Social Security Administration. Baby Names. (User needs to input desired year and number of names to obtain the data).

2. United States Census Bureau. Frequently occurring surnames from the census 2000.

The data used here was collected in May 2019.


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